More frequently than not most companies fail to ensure better conversion and engagement as they do not support the marketing with a well-set strategy. So if the business is stumbling on the same block, here are some useful tips to raise efforts in Facebook marketing off the runway.


Identifying and prioritising goals of the business is the very foremost step on the way to a perfect strategy for Facebook marketing. This will let the business to have a reference to gauge against and check the performance of the marketing actions. To figure out these goals, it is suggested to make a quick round-up of some general questions.

“What the business is intended for?”

“Which the audience is necessary to reach out to?”

 “How is it intended to interact with or engage them?”

Every campaign can set up its different goals. Just ensure to shift away from vanity measures such as “likes”, which are not set to deliver any real returns. Instead, connect the goals with actual business goals. Here are some options:

• Raise brand awareness

• Boost traffic to the website

• Accumulate leads and increase sales

• Gain engagement with the community

So what will be the goal of marketing? Once the company’s needs are known, it is possible to easily operate Facebook to the full potential to recognise those targets.


Before employing Facebook for business needs, it is necessary to define who is at the receiving party. In other terms, it is most crucial to define who is the targeted audience. Comprehending the target audience will provide a better grip on building strategies that convert, engage, and deliver maximum ROI. To determine who the potential clients or end-users are, check on the following questions:

To see the answers to the question, dig down into the analytics page on Facebook. It has a ton of related details. Operate social media listening instruments to keep tracking of conversations occurring around the brand, product, niche, or service.

Individuals participating in these discussions can be the prospects. For instance, Zipcar, a car-sharing company, recognises their audience in educated, urban-dwelling, techno-savvy customers who are concerned about the environment that forthcoming generations will inherit. So they publish the social media items around the same intent. Remember to set a goal on a global audience if it is applicable to the product or service.


One of the key reasons for not getting engagement on the Facebook is due to the content mix, which is not balanced with niche-specific knowledge and promotion content for the business. It is possible to resolve this problem through following one of the two famous social media marketing powers named the social media rule of thirds or the 80/20 rule. This technique makes the feed on Facebook less selling and more inbound. Keep in mind that individuals do not come to social networks to consume the brand advertisement, they operate it for information, inspiration, and entertainment.

Though the 80/20 ratio does not perform for every company. It is necessary to decide the content mix through testing out various posting ratios and then determine for the best one. Notice that these methods are essential as once the audience engagement might increase, algorithms of Facebook heighten the content’s opportunity to come again and again on the news feed of the same user.


It is well-know by now that businesses that publish at least 16 posts a month get 3.5 times more traffic than ones that publish not more than 4. It bears a substantial amount of time to create well-searched and useful pieces of Facebook publication a month, and it is almost impossible to do so if there is not at least some kind of strategy.

A content calendar is a plan that helps to organize the forthcoming content by describing what and when will be posted. Operating social media content calendars enables to enhance team collaboration, as well as distribute resources effectively, and provides a more in-depth knowledge of what performs well and what does not.

It is feasible to operate the best social media content calendars instruments to organize and publish all the content in a timely manner and efficiently. For example, social media management calendar tool allows to put up images, put timings for the posts, and much more in a one dashboard.


What can be more efficient than getting knowledge from the success and failures? It is learning from successes and failures of someone else. Therefore, before developing the Facebook marketing plan, check out what is happening in the appropriate market. Learning the strategy of competitor activity will help you: 

• Assess the position in Facebook market

• Recognize the essential influencers who are supporting the brand

• Gauge the success and accomplishments of the competitors

• Discover opportunity areas where the competitor is fading.

Fortunately, Facebook has a free feature for competitor analysis to maintain track of several competitors. It can be found under the “Pages to watch” section under the Facebook insights “Overview” page.

 Once the competitor’s page is added, it will be possible to see new posts, the total number of followers, and the engagement they have accumulated over the previous week.


Here gets the statement that is already known – Facebook organic reach is currently on all-time lows since 2012. That is the reason why every post has been getting quite low impressions even with the hundreds of followers in the roster. Though one thing that can assist to lessen the influence of algorithms is by putting the post online on the best times to publish on Facebook. However, after a detailed examination, experts have got to the decision that there is no versatile best time to publish on Facebook, each page has its unique best time. The best time to publish on Facebook is when majority of the audience is online on the social network.


As the post timing is very important, it is likely to schedule the posts at the best possible times the statistics suggest. Not only can it make the social life more comfortable but also assist in testing out appropriate days to publish for specific content. If a social media marketing specialist is attracted to do this, then it can turn mentally taxing to handle different social platforms and publishing manually on each 3 posts a day.

With social media scheduling instruments on the hand, it is possible to effortlessly schedule several Facebook posts way ahead of time and get on the way to do assignments that require the attention more. This can help to efficiently manage the social media marketing of several clients from one tab. Some platform functionalities go far beyond only scheduling, it is possible to examine the social performance, cooperate with the team, and build advertisements.

Let us take a brief glance at social media management instruments comprehensive scheduling options.

Customizable publications:

To ensure much-needed flexibility, it provides necessary functionality to edit and tailor the posts ahead of scheduling them. Customization arrives with different options such as adding carousel posts, emojis, GIFs, and the CTA button.

Calendar for social media:

Access a birds-eye perspective of the full month’s scheduled content for every social media network, also Facebook. This provides an option to visualize the plan better and also supports doing brief edits.

Content management and RSS Feeds:

If there are some issues creating new content every day, it will no longer be problem utilising social media management platform’s content curation feature, which let to discover and communicate high-value content in seconds. Moreover, it is possible to add the URL of RSS feed of the favourite website to automatically publish new updates.

Scheduling in bulk:

Easily prepare up to 500 text and image posts at once on several social accounts with social media management bulk scheduling features. Even in bulk scheduling, it will be possible to get the flexibility to adjust the scheduled time, date, and even the post content.

Targeting of audience:

Target the selected audience depending on their demographics and psychographic characteristics. Now it is accessible to target individuals who are most suitable to the business with the organic publications too.


While making a strategy for things you would do for marketing the business on Facebook, it is necessary to be thoughtful about things to be avoided too. Here are typical Facebook marketing mistakes, which should be avoided, but many growing companies often make.


For sure likes are necessary. More likes indicate that the message reaches more individuals. However, the key focus should be on succeeding brand promoters and not only likes. So, do not be tricked into paying for likes and followers for marketing needs on Facebook. Why? When paying for likes and fan counts, it solely increases the numbers. In other means, this does not gather engagement with the audience. For instance, you may get thousands of likes on the Facebook page. Though it does not make good if individuals do not know about the brand and it is not possible to relate to the target audience. Thus, it does not make any sense to keep these kinds of likes on the Facebook page. Frankly, it is more harmful to the brand and a poor method, so it is suggested to avoid this. It will end up falsifying what the brand stands for and the followers will see straight through it and quit.


No matter how great the product is, or how well the business team operates, there is always a space to receive negative comments on social accounts. It is unavoidable. The worst thing to do with it for the brand is not to pay attention to negative comments. It will provide an angry client with another reason to dislike the brand. Thus, it is a bad idea to dismiss their messages or comments. It is necessary to build the relationship with followers and respond to them. Managing negative comments is a great option to build value and get honour for the brand. Replying to the visitor’s posts not just shows concern for the customers but also indicates interest in engagement. There are many examples. The leading company can get a negative assessment for the support and services. Sometimes, the big company does not provide any response to the customer. If this kind of post is ignored, it will potentially make a negative impression on the customer’s mind. It is time to say goodbye to any loyalty or credibility. When the customer is lost, he or she is gone for good.

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